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 A tour of the Gaza Envelope / Israel Strip

A tour following the Iron Swords War (and not only...), with a qualified tour guide, an expert on the southern region and surrounding Gaza.

A fascinating and chilling journey about the events of the war, about heroism and memories from other days.

  It is possible to build a customized route, which includes a variety of different sites in the Nativot - Sderot area and surrounding Gaza, including a visit to the tombs of the righteous.

The tour includes accommodation and visits to local restaurants.

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Revival car lot

The scrap yard found outside Moshav Takuma northwest of Netivot, a chilling part of the disaster that occurred on October 7.  860 bullet-riddled, crushed and burned vehicles were moved there from the surrounding areas of Gaza - from the settlements, and from the "Nova" festival complex

Nova party site

The Nova Festival massacre happened at a music festival near kibbutz are bad 

The festival sites were one of the most severe and central massacre sites during the attack against the residents of the State of Israel on October 7, during which 364 were murdered and 40 of the party participants were kidnapped to Gaza


Sderot bird

It is recommended to include this site in your tour, where you can understand the story of Sderot up close and see how close the city is to the perimeter fence around the Gaza Strip, along with the great development of the city. 

This is one of the highest hills in the region. On days of good visibility, you can see the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Ashkelon in the northwest, Ashdod in the north, Sderot and Kiryat Gat in the east. In the southwest direction you can see the city of Gaza and the "Golani Hill" or by its other names "The Hill of Love" and "Yanchek Hill" with the statue of the great horse. 

Confectionery of living aromas

The confectionary "Scents of Life" in Netivot specializes in spectacular handmade desserts. The place offers a pastry shop, pastries, cakes, cookies and a wide variety of first class sweets


Anzac hand in Barry Forest

Yad Anzak in Nevna in his memory to the soldiers of the armies Australia  andNew Zealand  (collectively called Anzac) who were killed in the Land of Israel in battles during the First World War.

The Anzac Route is a hiking route following the events of the Australian and New Zealand cavalry in the Western Negev

The medicinal plant farm of  beds

Ergot company's medicinal plant farm is an educational farm and also a visitor center.
We accept groups of at least 10 participants and offer a picking tour (with an emphasis on medicinal plants that grow on our farm and not wild plants) and an additional workshop to choose from.
Inside the farm there is also the factory store of beds so that you can purchase the company's cosmetics during the visit

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Workshops of Argot Farms -  "The Way of the Spices"

In the workshop "The Way of Spices"   we will get to know the story of spices in ancient times, how did they get from one place to another? Why is their value measured in gold? What is the added medical value that is added to their use.
In the workshop, each participant will prepare and take 2 products with him:
Incense from spices
Scented with spices

In the "aromatherapy" workshop, a window will be opened to the world of aromatic oils, we will understand where they come from, how they are produced, how a smell can affect us physically and mentally and actually bring healing. In the workshop, the participants will prepare and receive 2 products: 

Aromatherapy massage oil

Aromatherapy dong candle


A boutique manufacturer that produces aloe vera products in Israel on a natural and organic basis. A farming family living in Moshav Takuma in the northern Negev.

The aloe plants grow in the soil and in clean air without pests and without pollutants and enriched with compost and organic probiotic fertilization.

We produce cold-pressed pure aloe vera gel,

and develop natural and organic cosmetic products rich in fresh aloe vera gel made from natural ingredients only.

A visit to the visitor center, including an explanation of the growing methods and processes, the production and production processes of the natural products, the benefits of aloe vera for humans, tastings and the possibility of purchasing the variety of products on site, at a discount for participants.


איזו מציאות מחכה בעוטף עזה?

היום שאחרי 7.10

מעוניינים בסיור בעוטף עזה?
הסיור כולל הסעה מכל מקום בארץ (אוטובוס תיירים מפואר או מיניבוס VIP, בהתאם לכמות האנשים), מורה דרך מוסמך לאורך כל היום, אירוח בקונדטוריית בוטיק, שי אישי מעסק מקומי ותרומה לאחת מהעמותות העוסקת בשיקום העוטף ואנשיו.
המחיר הינו החל מ 6,000 ₪ + מע"מ, בהתאם לכמות המשתתפים

השאירו פרטים או צרו קשר: רן מנדלביץ

כלל העובדים והספקים במיזם, הינם תושבי העוטף

תודה :)

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