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תמונה יפה של הסלון של הוילה

  for your most important events and celebrations

Small and intimate events for families and groups

 Parties, birthdays

Formation evenings for companies / businesses

Tutorials / lectures / workshops

Fun days and indulgence days for couples

Hospitality, lodging and recreation

The shabbat of the groom

wedding night

A day of getting ready for the bride

The discharge applies



תמונה המראה את הסלון בוילה

About the villa

ROYAL VILLA Netivot is a wonderful place to celebrate your most exciting moments. The villa is located on the outskirts of a new, prestigious and pastoral villa neighborhood in Netivot and is intended for holiday accommodation and intimate events for families, groups and companies. ROYAL VILLA has 4 bedrooms, with comfortable and exclusive beds, a huge living room and a dream kitchen, modern and spacious, equipped with electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, baking and cooking. A large and well-maintained garden with a jacuzzi, a pool (with pool games), a dry sauna and an outdoor kitchen, which will ensure perfect entertainment for the guests. You are invited to have exciting experiences in the first hospitality boutique villa of its kind in Netivot.


Modern and equipped kitchen 

When comfort and style meet - this kitchen is the diamond of the crazy villa. Huge and bright, offers a lot of space for equipment and people celebrating, designed with fine personal taste, designed to use space in an ideal way and adapted to the religious crowd, with 2 ovens and sinks, separate dishes - dairy and meat. A variety of electrical appliances, cooking and baking utensils are hidden inside the cabinets and drawers. 

The kitchen of the villa

Sleep like in the royal palace

Luxurious bedrooms - which include high-quality designer furniture that creates islands of peace and tranquility in the bedrooms. The villa includes 4 spacious bedrooms with quality orthopedic beds that provide perfect rest. The exact color shades in the rooms are refreshing, but give a feeling of peace and elegance, which allows you to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant space.

One bedroom with a large gray bed

Children's room and game 

The children will not want to leave the room -  The beds in the children's room are comfortable, they can be opened for additional children. Cute and safe toys for preschoolers are waiting to spend time with the little guests. Large closets will provide practical and comfortable storage. 

Children's room with 2 beds

The most contemporary

Home design in a luxurious modern style -  The modern style can suit everyone, we found the way to integrate it in every space to get a clean and special result. 

Three photos taken in the villa in one collage - toilets, dining area and another corner

A luxurious jacuzzi

Perfect for bathing outside - there is no feeling of release like being put in hot, bubbling water of pampering spa systems. An impressive jacuzzi with colorful lights and fountains ensure moments of happiness.

The jacuzzi in the yard

A pampering pool

The perfect Israeli pastime - a pool is a great way to celebrate, pamper yourself and clear your head. A large and well-equipped private pool is available to guests. 

A large pool located in the yard

An equal yard

The villa has green spaces with many fun seating areas: an outdoor dining area, a solid wood bar table, a hammock and a luxurious grill stand. 

A dining area located in the yard

 Looking for thrills?

A variety of catering solutions, dining, inflatables for children, confectionery, tours and trips in the area, workshops and lectures.