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Accessibility statement

Accessibility in business

We, ROYAL VILLA Netivot, consider it of the utmost importance to support people with special needs and to provide excellent serviceQ, egalitarian, without discrimination.

We put a lot of emphasis, we invest a lot of resources in this
And it is important to us that our customers with special needs are satisfied. We have a wide handicap accessible parking lot outside, through me
Our approach is both orderly and convenient. There is a kinaisa without stairs, the paths are built of concrete and asphalt
in order to make it easier for people with wheelchairs.

How accessibility is reflected on the site

The site's accessibility was made to level A according to Israeli standard 5568 (based on the WCAG 2.0 global standard).
​ The site is built by convenient and clear navigation and information menus that allow simple and quick orientation, adapted for browsing on a stationary computer, mobile and cell phone.

Accessibility menu - you can find an "accessibility" button on the website to activate the accessibility menu. The location of the button is on the top left.
Text size selection - allows you to choose and change the size of the text that appears on the site.
Color contrast (dark background color) - the website is optimized for viewing and is supported by the common browsers
Filling links - enables locating links on the site by underlining a link. 
Blocking animation - an accessibility plugin on the website allows blocking animation.
Monochrome - option to cancel colors and display the site in black and white tones
Reset all settings - returns the site to the default settings.
Content - The content of the site is written in a simple and clear way, divided into different topics.

How accessibility is reflected in the villa:
Handicapped parking - there is a spacious handicapped parking controlled according to the standard.
Access ways - organized and convenient access ways. There is a knesina without stairs with concrete and asphalt paths.

Ways to contact us

If you encountered an accessibility problem, we would appreciate it if you let us know so that we can take care of it. You can contact us in any of the following ways:
Phone: 054-215-1470
WhatsApp: 054-215-1470

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