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Attractions in Netivot and the surrounding area


Paris Center

is an open mall, a unique lifestyle complex, offering a shopping and entertainment experience at an international level. Between the wide and inviting boulevards of the complex you can access the best of the leading fashion chains, enjoy a spectacular entertainment complex, taste a variety of restaurants and relax in activity areas for family fun. The center received a unique and unprecedented design in Israel that combines a rhythmic and inviting urban space. This unique combination, which provides visitors with an extraordinary experience,  Tried so far only in centers

the most advanced and prestigious in the world.

The location of the complex

The artisans 3, Nativot

KKL chapter by Baba Sali

The park, located in Netivot, commemorates the spiritual heritage of communities of North African origin.

In the square of North African Jewry, which stretches over many kilometers, you can walk along the paths of Marrakesh, Tafil Elet, Bret and Mance. Alongside the commemoration of the communities' heritage are the paths and gates, the roads and gates, the squares and the walls, the boulevards and the gardens. All this is dedicated to an eternal memory for the members of the Jewish communities of North Africa. Of course, Andalusian and North African architecture is also seen in the design of the park. In the center of the park is built of palm trees "Hamsa".


Baba Sally's grave

After Baba Sali's death, his grave became an important pilgrimage site and every year about 500,000 visitors come to the holy site for prayer and revelry.

Tombs of the righteous

  Rabbi Yoram Michael's tomb of Zion



Rabbi Shalom Ifergan

Square 2x2(1).jpg

Marina Ashkelon

In the impressive background with boats and sails decorating the landscape is a commercial complex for perfect entertainment for everyone. Brand stores, bars and concept restaurants are waiting to pamper the general public.

The separate beach Ashkelon 

The northernmost beach of the city of Ashkelon is a beautiful beach, set aside for the benefit of the religious public and operated by the municipality.
Entrance to it is free.

A two-meter partition fence isolates the separate beach from the mixed beaches next to it.

On Saturdays and holidays the beach is open to the general public and is mixed.

197898250_936292450279510_703964144941867202_n (1).jpg

Nativot Lake Park

The lake park in Netivot is located within walking distance of all parts of the neighborhood. The park includes a spectacular ecological lake, bike paths, play and fitness facilities, an observation point, and picnic and stay areas.

The spiritual center for Ethiopian immigrants

Near the Philadelphia Jewish Square in Netivot, is the spiritual center for Ethiopian immigrants.

The building was built in the shape of a hexagon and is topped by winged canopies that form the shape of a Star of David. The building includes two wings:

One is used as a synagogue and the other as a multi-purpose hall for events, offices, study rooms, an art room.

בית הכנסת של גרבה בנתיבות- מבט מבפנים.jpg

El Djerba Synagogue

The synagogue for the expatriates of Djerba is a copy of the synagogue "El Djerba" on the island of Djerba in Tunis. Many of the expatriates of Djerba saw it as a substitute for the temple in Jerusalem. The interior design and the style of sitting in the synagogue characterize the synagogues in Djerba in particular and in North Africa in general.

The place is a memorial site to the battle heritage of the paratroopers and to the days of retaliatory operations in the 1950s. The impressive monument, which overlooks the Jabaliya and Gaza area, in a large square, stands stone pillars bearing descriptions of the retaliatory actions of the paratroopers and battle charts of the corps. Close to the monument is a parking lot with picnic tables.

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